Chain Mail

Creativity Explored 
Merde Project 

Chain Mail is a collaboration between dance artists Emma Lanier and Cauveri Suresh, and ceramic artist Reniel Del Rosario. This work studies the paradox of ceramic chains fabricated by Del Rosario. Their physical properties—what sounds ceramic links make, how they move, what tasks they can be used for, and their innate fragility—are points of inquiry. They are source material for movement generation as well as objects to partner with through the course of the dance.

VIDEO of Chain Mail at Creativity Explored
REVIEW of Chain Mail by Jen Norris

Fall 2023 Performances:

Thursday November 9th, 5-7pm at Creativity Explored

Chain Mail
performance with Reniel Del Rosario as part of Creativity Explored 40th anniversary exhibition Old Friends/New Friends 

Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th, 8pm at Merde Project [CANCELLED]

Commission by Merde Project (Kristin Damrow & Company) to present Chain Mail at Joe Goode Annex

More about this project:
As a collective, we create interdisciplinary site-specific performances that consider relationships between bodies, between body and object, body and space, and object and space. We began working together in 2021, during which time our collaborative has explored alternative modes for creating and presenting our artworks that attune closely to the site, make use of unusual spaces and vantage points, and consider how to communicate across mediums.

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